Teach your followers how to cook healthy

Workshops at Livetobe_  are a completely new experience, for you and your customers. You haven´t done anything like it. Here everybody cooks and learns. Running a workshop with us is a really effective way of learning about ingredients, techniques. Participants not only read receipes, they actually do them.

You can create as many as you like, launch them any time you want. Create your own school in a simple and easy way.


Just choose a topic and prepare recipes and tips (7 cards in total) for the participants to do. For example:  "Creamy and crunchy vegan breakfasts".

These cards are just made up of a picture and text.

Workshop dynamics

These recipes and tips are sent daily to your customers on their phones through cards.  Wit this information participants cook in their own time and start learning.

Participants can, at any point in time, ask you questions privately. Even more interesting, they can share their tios and tricks with other participants,  making the experience a lot of fun. 

Effort and compensation

Organizing a workshop with us takes very little time.  Creating its content and managing it takes less than dealing with your Instagram account.

Workshops run for 7 days and start always on wednesdays.

Price your workshop as you like but do not give it away for free.  It is the best way for participants to take it seriously, value your content and time, while you generate significant revenues monthly for yourself.

Who is this for?

Livetobe_  is for those that like to cook healthy, with interesting content, that are good at engaging with their audience and inspire others. If you already have some audience this is for you. In any case, we are here to help, we have thousands of customers that have tried an love this format and are eager to learn with you.


Creating the content

Creating a workshop is very easy. Choose a topic that allows your followers to learn something specific. (Make bread,  cakes without sugar, light dinners...).

Once you have chosen your topic you just have to create the cards.

Cards a re just like posts on Instagram: a picture and some text.

Promoting your workshop

ake the most of your audience and visibility on social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Blog, News-letter...

Your followers are eager to learn from you.

You will see how your customer base grows with every new workshop. We will be there with advice and support.


Running a workshop

Everyday a card will be automatically sent to all participants for them to cook.

You may attend their questions in private or through the group chat.

Most interesting part comes when everybody share their experiences and we learn from each other.

Pipa at home

Pipa at home

We had to learn ourselves. Our little daughter, Celia, was born with allergies (egg and milk´s protein allergy). The whole family (we are a family of 5) learned to eat differently, to cook healthy.

We want people like you, able to help others, to engage with your followers into cooking healthy.